Our Work Is What Drives Us

RailTrucks is a privately held and debt-free company that specializes in designing, building and delivering trucks for customers in the rail industry. Having trouble finding the truck you need? Our in-house engineers are available to discuss your specific requirements and help find a solution that meets your needs.

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RailMark in Kansas City

In the heartland

Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri,  RailTrucks has two factory locations: one in Kansas City and one in Findlay, OH, as well as sales offices in Minneapolis.

A Successful Track Record

RailTrucks comes from a long line of industry specific truck builders. Our parent company, SkyMark Refuelers, is the world’s largest manufacturer of Aviation Refuelers with customers in more than 40 countries. SkyMark subsidiaries serve rail, sewer & septic, portable restrooms, oil fields, liquid waste, refined fuels, and aviation ground support customers. And, its state-of-the-art fabrication facility allows SkyMark to vertically integrate fabricated parts and tanks.

SkyMark is a privately held company that’s owner-operated and well capitalized. They produce over 600 trucks per year.

A Family Bond

Having a parent company and subsidiaries that work in similar industries, adds a depth of experience and know-how that you just don’t get on your own.

Stay Sharp

To help maintain our high standards of efficiency and safety, we are active in several industry and trade associations, providing us with industry insights, education and best practices. Below are a few of our associations and credentials:

Industry Associations:​

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Rent, Lease or Finance

National Equipment Leasing (NEL) offers competitive lease-purchase financing and rental programs. For our customers who prefer to preserve capital for other projects, NEL can provide “off balance sheet” financing for up to seven (7) years with fixed rates, as well as rental programs with no purchase commitment.

For more about NEL, please contact Michael Ellis at (913) 653-8112.

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