Special Trucks for Special Purposes

RailMark offers the following trucks for railroad and business rail operations. Standard model equipment is always available in stock and ready to ship. All of our trucks comply with the latest industry guidelines.

Material Handler

Our flagship truck is the Material Handler.  It’s the perfect fit for your company. With a variety of available chassis, you can easily pair this truck with our Serco 8500 crane.  A hydraulic or 12/24-volt electric magnet, and several available grapples make material handling easy. 

Hi-Rail Pickup Truck

The RailMark Hi-Rail Pickup Truck is the jack of all trades for any railroad job. This pickup can be paired with a 4-wheel drive chassis and an extended cab or crew cab configurations. It’s the perfect fit for hauling equipment and materials but also for transporting personnel to a site.

DTL Locomotive Refueler

After decades of focusing on refueling safety, spill prevention, and fueling speed for aviation customers, we have brought our expertise to the rail industry. The Primer DTL Locomotive Refueler Truck includes all the functionality you need to fuel your locomotive. We feel there is not a better refueler on the market.